ICMaS has the roots in 1974, when the department Machine Tools and Cutting Tools initiated at the initiative of Prof. Dr. Doc. Emil BOTEZ the first National Conference on Machine Tools. This conference appeared from the necessity of creation a national scientific forum for sharing preoccupations in the field of research, design and production of machine tools. The paper thematic was grouped on having in view the main domains of the researches, namely machine tool kinematics and dynamics, automatics and numerical control of machine tools, cutting and cutting tools, fabrication and testing of machine tools, new methods and techniques in the field of machine tool biding.

The National Conference on Machine Tools took place quarterly for eight editions, the papers being published under the care of Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest and other research institutes in the field: ICSITMUA “TITAN Bucharest, ICTCM Bucharest, CCSIT-MFS Bucharest.

For increasing the impact of the scientific information of the conference, starting with the ninth edition – 1994, the conference became with international participation, the papers being published with the aid of Technical Publishing House, Bucharest (Edit. Tehnică) in the series Technologies Quality Machines Materials – TCMM. At the same time, the topic was enriched with a new field, namely industrial robots and fabrication systems, and being enlarged with adjacent field for machine tools – management and marketing. Therefore, some modern trends for computer aided research were considered.

The eleventh edition, 1998, brought an essential novelty regarding the extension of participation and interest area, the conference becoming international, with the name International Conference on Manufacturing Systems, and with English as official language. This status imposed the creation of the International Scientific Committee of ICMaS, which assured the continuous increase of the scientific level of the scientific manifestation.

The new requirements led to the improvement of the contents and means of paper editing, the authors proving interest and support for the increase of quality and reputation of our scientific manifestation.

The cumulated experience in the twelve editions of the conference led to a new and superior level of organization and progress of ICMaS, that making possible to be organized with the support of Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences.

Thus, from the 13th edition, 2000, the volume got a new format, specific to specialty publications and was issued by the Romanian Academy Publishing House (Edit Academiei Române) as special number of the Romanian Journal of Technical Sciences – Applied Mechanics, with the title of Proceedings of International Conference on Manufacturing Systems ICMaS.

The number of foreign authors increased and the International Scientific Committee extended correspondingly. Therefore, the number of invited papers having author from Romania and abroad increased.

The 14th edition of ICMaS, 2004, meant a pleasant anniversary occasion – thirty years of enthusiasm, explorations, preoccupations, and fulfilments of the organizers and participants.

The thirty years of experience and quality increase of the ICMaS conference enabled the volume of the 15th edition, 2006, to get the status of quarterly independent publication, with tendencies of annual issue and national and international recognition. Thus, the 16thedition, 2007, confirmed the trends and the fact that the journal Proceedings of International Conference on Manufacturing Systems ICMaS became a well-known and important international publication.

Keeping the theme structure of the first conference, the journal has the following main fields: machine tools, robotics, industrial logistics, machines and equipments, driving systems and control systems, cutting ad cutting tools, flexible fabrication systems, advanced fabrication technologies, CAD, CAM, CAE concepts and techniques, industrial management and marketing.

In its evolution, ICMaS brought its contribution to enriching the technical literature by its presence in the National Library, personal libraries and in libraries of some universities of Romania and abroad by international change and in central libraries.

For more information visit http://conference.icmas.eu/