Wil be a great plesure for us if you can participate at our conferences SLS & OPTIROB 2018, that will be held durring 28 June to 2 July in the beautiful place of Jupiter, Tismana Club Hotel, Constanta, Romania.


The conferences that will be organised are the following: 

The first edition of the International Conference on Space Launching Systems- SLS 2018


The 13-th edition of the Desingn, Modeling and Optimization of the Fields of Aerospace, Robotics, Manufacturing Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Power Energy, Materials Technology and Neurorehabilitation- OPTIROB 2018.


We ask you to help us to promote our academical events between your colleagues in your departments and institutions. We hope that these academical events will be promoted by succesfuly and will be possible to organise one interesting meeting together and promote the latest results of your research in the world.


All information and the great topics of the both events you can see on the conference web page www.uastro.space.


Thank you and we hope to meet you soon in our very interesting academical events.


The deadline to submit the research paper are: 

ROUND II- 20 May 2018; one issue from july 2018.