6 Research Centers

CTANM/ Center of Advanced Technologies for Advanced materials
OPTIMUM/ National Research Center of Technologies Systems Performances
PREMINV/ Centre for Training in Management and Engineering of Virtual Enterprises
CAMIS/ Research Center, consulting and technical assistance in Materials Engineering and Welding
CCMA/ Research Center of Applied Mechanics
ICIP/ International Centre of Integrative Projects – defined in a public-private partnership.

Doctoral School –IMST

1. Setting of PhD research topics prior to admission (September);
2. Establishment of IMST research laboratories (the access is permitted using a procedure)
3. Internet/Intranet access to information related to research equipments, characteristics, programming experimental research performances.
4. Scheduling special courses in the frame of School of Advanced Studies (for Ph.D. students)
5. Establishment of collaborative research partnership agreements with the industry environment

Action 1 - Defining research laboratories performing

1 - Research Team
2 - Research directions
3 - Research equipments and software
4 - Industrial Partners
5 - Access to the laboratory procedure
6 - Contact person
7 - Address and location

Action 2 - Centre for research projects and programs

1 - Defining the (arrangement) of a space for this purpose
2 - Minimum equipment with necessary logistics
3 - Formation of project teams
4 - Designing forms/ annexes for project proposals
5 - Discussions with industrial partners
6 - Contact person
7 - Address and location

Action 3 - Connecting with research networks in a real/ virtual environment

University Industry Innovation Network
UIIN is a resource and networking platform Fostering the exchange of knowledge and information between universities and industry.
Tech Advance ™ Technology Assessment Workshop (Amsterdam 17.09.2012)

Action 4 - Scientific Student Session organized by IMST faculty

1 - Student Scientific Session (in May and research topics listed on the 1st of November)
2 - Summer School
3 - Scientific Workshop with the participation of firms (October)

Action 5 - Strengthening the link with economic environment

Close relationship with the Centre in connection with the socio-economic environment (CLEMSE) established by the decision of the U.P.B. Senate, which acts as a liaison between the faculties, on the one hand and socio-economic actors, on the other hand.

Action 6 - Promoting entrepreneurship research

Mainly support of research activities aiming products and innovative services, providing business opportunities, including the creation of companies "spin-off" / "start-up" after the model of prestigious universities.

Action 7 - Initiation and maintenance  of an internal system of financial incentive for research

1 - Promotion of outstanding scientific results - national and international patents applied and industrial valued
2 - Distribution to the faculty of share parts from RAs grants
3 – Guidance of students and their inclusion in larger teams working under the guidance of an experienced researcher on major issues and their financial support

Research centers


CTANM - Center for Advanced Technologiesntrul


The Centre for Advanced Technologies is a research and training center of the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (U.P.B.) where mainly operate teaching as well as technical and administrative staff from the Department of Manufacturing Engineering (T.C.M.).

Founded in 1996, CTANM is self-financed from national research contracts and international projects, developing laboratories and ongoing support for various disciplines from the curricula of Undergraduate and Master from the Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems (I.M.S.T.), from the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Language (F.I.L.S.) and from the Faculty of Applied Sciences (F.S.A.).

Postgraduate courses, of vocational training, continuing education and distance learning organized by CTANM have accreditation from the Department of Continuing Education and Distance Learning of U.P.B.

Activities of consultancy, training, research and development of applications in the data acquisition computer systems are developed with the National Instruments Corporation accreditation, Austin, Texas, U.S.A.

CTANM also provides consultancy in the fields of European Design and Project Management , Logistics, Intercultural Communication, Quality Management, Technology Audit, Customer satisfaction , Tribology


1. Manufacturing Engineering Department
Computer Aided Engineering
Data Acquisition
Advanced Manufacturing Technologies on NCN machines
Technology of composite products

2. Machine and Production Systems Department
Dynamic behavior of technological systems
Cutting and cutting tools
Management of Industrial Virtual Enterprises

3. Materials Technology and Welding Department
Destructive testing of materials
Welding technologies
Non-destructive flaw detection

4. Strength of Materials Department
Photo elasticity and Biomechanics
Measurement of mechanical quantities with methods and modern methods
Fracture mechanics and fatigue
Behavior and damage materials modeling and simulation
Modeling and Finite Element Analysis

5. Theory of Mechanisms and Robots Department
Analysis and synthesis of mechanisms and machines
Analysis and synthesis of mechanisms and robots
Kinematic, static and dynamic analysis
Modeling, simulation and testing of intelligent mobile systems