IMST Alumni Association


IMST Alumni Association is a Romanian legal person, component of civil society, a professional organization, independent, non-governmental, apolitical, non - profit.


The association headquarter is located in Bucharest, sector 6, SPLAIUL INDEPENDENŢEI, 313, 6th district, postal code 060042, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Robotics, Room CD 009.


The Association has as main objectives to support the general interests of graduates and students of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Robotics (formerly the Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems), to strengthen collaborative relationships between graduates of different promotions of the faculty and to promote collaboration between faculty and its graduates from socio-economic environment.
The Association will seek professional route and degree of insertion on the labor market of its graduates, will provide continuous training, promote Faculty IMST image and its partners and carry out other activities to achieve its objectives.
The Association aims to continue the tradition of Romanian Technical Education and the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest in the fields of Industrial Engineering, Engineering and Management, Mechatronics and Robotics, by supporting innovative initiatives in education and research, fostering excellence in education and the profession, facilitating the exchange of experience between different generations of graduates, making programs for collegians and students, advising students on career development and support of their integration on the labor market .


IMST ALUMNI Association intends to conduct the following activities :
- meetings and regular meetings between graduates from different promotions where academics, students and people with a successful career from different companies will be invited;
- creation and development of a database with information on graduates to pursue their career path , their insertion in the labor market, knowledge of their concerns, to ensure mutual support, representation of common interests in dealing with the various scientific and technical companies, associations, institutions governmental and non-governmental national or international conferences, symposia, seminars and workshops to achieve the objectives of the Association;
- promoting technical progress and scientific elements in the specific Faculty I.E.R. through publication and distribution of information materials (books, periodicals, flyers, posters, brochures, software etc.)
- promoting engineering field among young people, through the organization of events for collegians, students and graduates bachelor, master and doctoral cycles)
- organizing professional training programs;
- support of association members for the development and enhancement of professional scientific and managerial skills;
- helping students to prepare for careers through mentoring by providing internships, internships , research, organizing visits and study tours, providing advice and guidance on career development ;
- encouraging excellence in education by granting awards, scholarships or other forms of support for students / graduates / teachers who have outstanding performance ;
- development of cooperation relations with major employers, conducting prospective studies or priority - - development strategy and research, targeting the areas of education required by the labor market;
conducting studies and scientific and technical consulting , professional expertise and so on ;
- organization of events focused on the evocation of great personalities who have graduated from the I.E.R. Faculty, celebration moments, sport, cultural and civic events etc. ;


Can become member of the Alumni Association IMST any person who:
- graduated one of the following study cycles - Bachelor, Master , PhD - Faculty of I.E.R. from University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest ;
- wishes to engage in the activities of the Association and agrees with the Staff Association .

Association members must submit to headquarters ALUMNI IMST a written application for becoming a membership (or to register on- line form on the website of the Association). Regular or Associate membership is obtained after adhesion of approval by the Board .

IMST Alumni Association members have the following rights:

  • to participate in all activities organized by the Association;
  • to express their option by voting in conformity to the General Assembly projects;
  • to express their views and to contribute with proposals and concrete actions to activities ;
  • to elect and be elected in boarding staff;
  • to be informed by the boarding staff on the status and the progress of the actions decided by the General Assembly ;
  • to benefit from the resources offered by the Association for information and training ;
  • to be appointed as representatives of the activities organized by the Association .


IMST Staff Alumni Association can be downloaded here .


Application for membership ALUMNI IMST - individuals
Application for membership ALUMNI IMST - legal