European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance (EELISA) is the first alliance of Higher Education Institutions (graduate engineering schools, technology universities and full-spectrum universities) from different countries in Europe meant to define and implement a common model of European engineer rooted in society.
EELISA Community DIGITAL4PeoplePlanetPerformance has been launched in the framework of the EELISA European Universities Alliance
aiming to (1) research and share practices for improving students' skills and competencies to pro-actively adapt, learn, network and innovate in businesses' digital transformation context (2) processes digital transformation to better valorise people's capabilities, but focusing customer, too, in close respect to the planet and the community where the business operates to increase and sustain performance (3) build the camp for sharing practices, testing innovative solutions, and learning together with students – professors – professionals in companies – researchers to motivate students to become more enthusiastic and passionate in the research of engineering solutions in a Digital 4 People Planet Performance thinking

In this context, a 2-weeks summer school is organized aiming to improve knowledge and develop skills of engineering students in applied mathematics, sustainability, and applied sciences.

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