Studentii sunt incurajati sa aplice direct la Universitatea partenera, iar in cazul acceptarii, sa solicite selectie pentru mobilitate Erasmus la adresa This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are happy to announce and invite your students to participate in the Blended Intensive Programmes organized at the University of Trento during Spring 2024.
Your students will have the opportunity to engage in real life problems, find creative solutions and gain relevant skills for their future in an international environment in contact with business companies and public organizations.

 Here is the programme of each BIP organized according to the Erasmus+ rules: a combination of physical mobility (5 days) and virtual activities awarding a minimum of 3 ECTS:

SOI-128 Ch.1-Engaging with the future

SOI-130 Ch.3-Back to the Future!

Application "SOI admission apply 2023/24 - S2 - New Appls" at

Deadline: January 31st, 2024

Selection will be made by the Organizer, so your students are welcomed to directly apply.
In a second stage, we will back to you if your students are selected.

When we are sure to have on board the 15 minimum participants for BIP regulation, we will send to you the instructions for linking the students to the right BIP in the Beneficiary Module.
In the worst case we don't collect 15 students for any challenge, we won't report the programme as a failed BIP, but you can simply import these mobilities as Erasmus short term mobility within the system.

We kindly seek for your collaboration in encouraging your students to participate and supporting them through Erasmus+ short term mobility (you can cover the grants with Er+ or other funds).